Importance of Reviewing Limousine Companies

February 10, 2016 David 0

Typical reviews for limos rental sites read something like this:

“I love St. Louis Limo. I always rent from them because they have great prices, nice drivers and clean cars! I rent limos a lot for work travel and St. Louis Limo is the best in the business! They are on time for pick up and the vehicles are so clean and comfortable too. I always recommend this amazing company to my colleagues and friends!”

limo rental

It is great to research online review sites for information on your next purchase. Whether you are seeking to purchase workout gloves or rent a limo for the evening, knowing the best companies to buy from and those to stay away from are crucial to making the right purchase. However, analyzing the information given in reviews can go a long way toward helping you make the right decision as well.

Let’s take the example above for instance. It is a well-written, perfectly suitable review that gives you a bit of detail about the company and their level of customer service. It is positive, upbeat and friendly. The reviewer appears to be a repeat customer because of the great service they have received. If you were just looking for a clean, comfortable limo to cruise around in, this review and others like it would be all you needed to pick up the phone and call St. Louis Limo. If you were looking for information about pricing, vehicles available, holiday policy and more, then this review would not be very helpful. Of course, the idea of a review is to get interested parties to contact the company for more information. In that way, the above example may be successful in inspiring referrals.

Bottom line is no matter what you are intending to purchase, consider all the information you need when determining whether a review is helpful or not.


Finding The Best Hospice Care in Atlanta

January 19, 2016 David 0

Should you trust an online review for something as sensitive as choosing a hospice care center for your loved one? Chances are, hospice care in atlantayou should consult online reviews not just from patients and families, but current and former staff as well. Google still reigns supreme as the number one search engine used and consumer are using it to investigate various industries through online review sites like Yelp and Glassdoor. It is a safe bet that search results have become increasingly important, especially as people are searching for information about a company or service.

But just how are consumers finding and using reviews in their decision-making process? If you are anything like me, then any search results that exist past page three doesn’t see the light of day. However, there are some great reviews on companies that exist beyond the first three pages for sure. When you are in a hurry to find what you need, it is tempting to look only at the most popular reviews on the on the place first first pages of Google. But, I encourage you to look a bit deeper.

For example, when my grandfather needed hospice care in Atlanta, I asked around to see if anyone I knew had firsthand experience with any facilities in the area. Many people did not, but some did. They gave me their personal reviews. From there, I took to the internet to read more about the places friend’s suggested. If I would have just done my own search, I would have missed Hospice Care Atlanta because search results put them on page four at the time. But, through a friend I learned about them and decided to check them out. My family was super happy that we did. They had great service, a caring staff and took excellent care of my grandfather.

Ultimately, how you choose to search for products and services in your own life is up to you. However, I encourage you to shop around and, for those services that require a little extra research, dig a little deeper for reviews beyond the first few Google pages.


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Getting The Best Air Conditioning Repair

January 9, 2016 David 0

Air Condition RepairAir conditioning used to be considered an ultimate luxury in the home. And it’s true. Air conditioning is all about comfort. So, how do you know when it’s time to call a professional to tune up your air conditioner?

First, understand that just because central air is a convenience in some areas, it is still a necessary component for most homes in high temperature states like Arizona, Texas and Florida. If you are uncomfortable with the temperature in your home and you have a functioning HVAC unit, then it is time to call the experts for an evaluation.

Next, realize that most air conditioning units have a shelf life of 12 years on average. If you are experiencing cooling issues with your air conditioner and your unit is around that age, that is another indication that it is time for a professional opinion.

Lastly, know that not every air conditioner problem is a disaster. Many issues are cheap and easy to remedy. So, do not panic! We polled our team of Boca Raton air conditioning repair experts to find out some of the most common solutions for HVAC problems.


Problem 1: Your Air Conditioner Will Not Turn On

This problem is probably one of the most common. Thankfully, it is usually the easiest to troubleshoot because the thermostat either is not set correctly or the power simply is not getting to the AC unit.

Solution: Check your settings. You want to make sure the thermostat is set to cool and the battery is in good working order. Next, check your circuit breaker: The issue could be a simple fix of turning on the breaker or replacing a downed fuse.  

Problem 2:
72 degrees doesn’t feel like 72 degrees anymore

This is another common issue. The thermostat reads 72, but it feels hotter. In that instance, air circulation is typically the cause.

Solution: Check and change the filter. If the air filter is clogged, the airflow for your HVAC system will suffer. A good rule of thumb is to change the filter every 30-60 days. The best part is that it’s a cheap fix. A quality air filter will run you around $20 depending on your HVAC system.

Problem 3
: Your HVAC unit is loud

Sure, you can usually hear when your air conditioner begins to run. However, if you begin to routinely hear buzzing, ticking or other unusual sounds from your HVAC unit, then it’s time to call in the experts. The bad news is that it could be caused by a bum blower motor (indoors) or bent fan blade (outdoors).

Solution: If it’s just a loose screw, then you are in luck. However, if the cause is a bad blower motor, you may need a new fan motor or fan blade. This could set you back a pretty penny so choose your Boca Raton air conditioning repair company carefully.

Problem 4:
Your electric bill has jumped

Imagine opening your electric bill expecting to see one amount only to get the shock of a lifetime when it’s almost double your expectation. A price jump in your utility bill can be caused by a dirty air filter or a choked condensing coil. The coil can easily accumulate dust and debris, much like AC air filter.

Solution: Check the phonebook or internet for a good AC repair company. This issue can only be solved by a skilled HVAC expert or only the most savvy DIYer.

Problem 5:
My Air Conditioner is leaking

It is normal for the AC system to generate moisture in the form of condensate. Typically what happens is the water collects in a pan and flows out a line either to a floor drain or condensate sump basin. Water puddles indicate there is a blockage or break of a tube.

Solution: Check the hose. Inspect the tubing for lumps, bumps and breakage. If your unit has a sump basin, make sure the the water is flowing to it and that the sump pump is working as intended. If there is a blockage or break, that will range anywhere from $40 to $100 to clean and/or replace.

Problem 6:
My AC unit is blowing warm/hot air

This is another issue our experts are called for routinely. Warm or hot air is usually the result of refrigerant lines that are not well insulated.

Solution: Make sure the outdoor AC unit’s refrigerant lines are covered by an insulated sleeve. If they are, then it may be time to re-charge the refrigerant. Sleeves will cost you less than $10 each. However, a refrigerant system re-charge will set you back around $150. Also, the system may need its refrigerant re-charged.

These are just a few of the most common issues homeowners face with HVAC units. Air conditioning repairs can be costly, but if you perform just a bit of troubleshooting, you may save yourself some time and money. If you find yourself in need of an experienced air conditioner repair team, click here.


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Who’s Reviews are Better?

January 1, 2016 David 0

yelp or googleWhile Google may be changing their control over reviews and native business listings over recent times, they’ve made a great strides with Google My Business, making it simpler than in the past for local companies to handle many facets of their search engine optimization through Google.

Alternatively, Yelp has placed themselves amongst the local sphere as a review  business powerhouse, building their credibility as time passes.

So who should you choose? You may not entirely like this answer, but both. Today, customers still equate Yelp with business reviews and Bing is still while building out their presence with local company marketing reviews. By managing reviews for Google and Yelp, you’ll help develop your organization’s presence for both sites in spite of which platform happens on the top from the reviews match.

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