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Hill stations are the most preferable destinations for the vacations or the break. They take you aloof from the hustles and bustles of the over ceased working days and restless nights of urban life. It makes you unwind yourself into the lap of Mother Nature and lets you reveal yourself in the reflection of the ecstasy mounted surroundings. We have no idea about what all the nature has to give us. It is only when we go to her and realize all that we have been missing on, for our own sake of endowment. Change is inevitable. Change is the only constant. One needs some change for oneself at particular interval of times. Hill stations like Mahabaleshwar, situated at the Satpura district of Maharashtra state serves the humanity with all of that is required for one’s refreshment and rejuvenation.

The stays are important aspects of the trips. If the stays are not cozy and warmth enough, the beauty of the trip, sight seeing, gets overdumpped by your boredom and tiredness. Mahabaleshwar hotels provide you an excellent service and leaves you with no complain but the feeling of gratitude while checking them out. The hotels here are mainly categorized as budget hotels, luxury hotels, 3 star hotels, 5 star hotels and also the resorts. Hotels in Mahabaleshwar around the lakes are just phenomenal to be stayed and experienced. The scenic views from its balconies would start and end your day extra ordinarily. The budget hotels provide fair and basic amenities where as luxury hotels have an elegant way out of delivering the amenities to their visitors. The lavishly decorated rooms, mouth watering in-house multi cuisine restaurants, 24*7 room services, etc.

The 3 star and 5 star hotels in Mahabaleshwar extravagate their staff assets for providing best services and facilities to their visitors. The over all wi-fi zoned areas, air conditioned rooms with TV units, a total tight security over the visitor’s luggage, day and night security outside the resorts, swimming pools, the best of best in-house dinning facilities,etc are the features provided by the star hotels at Mahabaleshwar. Resorts are, above all, a first class staying experiences. Even if the Mahabaleshwar hotels are blindly chosen, without any pre booking or any kind of verification, the soul purpose of your trip, that is the ‘all time connection’ with nature, will be served without failing in every Hotel of Mahabaleshwar.

The sightseeing spots at Mahabaleshwar like Venna like- where one can avail the boating facilities after getting their tickets to it, Arthur’s seat, which is the point from where one can rejoice at the panoramic views of Mahabaleshwar, Kate’s point- which is frequently visited for its reservoirs, elephant point- which holds on an elephant trunk shaped rock, which makes a whole in between it, making it look like a needle hole, Wilson- which is the highest point of the mahabaleshwar, 3 monkey spots, and many such will manifest every senses of you to yourself. The every step taken into Mahabaleshwar is like every step taking you to the heaven.

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